MOON Equipped 5 Gauge Set

5-Gauge set or ADD a Tach for a 6-Gauge set!

The Moon Equipped 5 Gauge set includes the following:

Programmable electric Speedo 140MPH(#MPG3388),
Electric Oil Pressure (#MPG3222),
Electric Water Temp (#MPG3231),
Volt (#MPG3291),
Fuel Level (#MPG3213).

ADD: Matching 3-3/8" Tachometer (#MPG3308) for an additional charge. 
Comes with all senders including pulse sender for Speedo and Fuel sender (240E-33F universal).

Please specify transmission when ordering.

Choose white or black face:
MPG35005BK Black Face 
MPG35005WH White Face
All prices are in NZD$ and include GST