Legendary Muscle Cars 6-DVD Set

Legendary Muscle Cars 6-DVD Set
Legendary Muscle Cars finds car buff Dennis Gage and his serpentine mustache traveling the country in pursuit of its coolest Big Block V-8 muscle cars. Across six 100-minute DVDs, revving engines elicit dropped jaws as more than 70 vintage Chevys, Fords, and Pontiacs gleam beneath the camera's lens. One DVD highlights the impressive car collection of comedian and The Tonight Show host Jay Leno, whose passion for vintage automobiles is surpassed only by his passion for the latest chin bling.
Six DVDs run a total of 600 minutes
Showcases Big Block V-8 muscle cars
More than 70 vintage automobiles on display
Chevys, Fords, Buicks, and more
Hosted by Dennis Gage, a car buff who still, somehow, hasn't seen Days of Thunder
DVD highlighting Jay Leno's impressive car collection
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